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Discover High-Quality Firewood in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tyne and Wear

At JohnsLogs, I provide a wide variety of firewood for sale. Based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tyne and Wear, I supply an extensive selection of first-rate products, including kiln dried logs.

Seasoned Hardwood

  • Guaranteed to be Less than 25% Moisture Content
  • Supplied All Year Round, but with the Same Quality Every Month
  • Mixed Hard Woods of Differing and Excellent Species
  • Net Bags £3.75
  • 0.6 cubic meter bulk bag £55
  • 1.2 cubic meter bulk bag £110

Kiln Dried Hardwood

  • Kiln Dried to Less than 20% Moisture Content
  • Supplied During All Seasons with Consistent Quality
  • The Best Burning Logs that You Could Ask for
  • Produced here on Northumberland
  • Mix of all Hard Woods - Not All One Species
  • Large Sack £5
  • 0.6 cubic meter bulk bag £65
  • 1.2 cubic meter bulk bag  £130

Soft Wood

  • Less than 25% Moisture Content
  • Dried, Seasoned Soft Wood
  • This is Good to Mix with Hard Wood
  • Readily Available
  • Net Bags £3.00
  • 0.6 cubic meter bulk bag - £45
  • 1.2 cubic meter bulk bag - £90

Hardwood Briquettes

  • Moisture Content of Less than 10%
  • Compressed Sawdust which is an Ecological By-product of the Logging Industry
  • Each Briquette Has About an Hour of Burning Time, Available in Packs of Five
  • Can Be Stored Indoors, as These Are Packaged in Cellophane
  • Available at £5 


  • Seasoned and Dried Kindling
  • Packed in a Handy Mesh Net
  • One Net Can Last up to a Week
  • Dried to a Very Low Moisture Content
  • A Must-Have for All Fires and Stoves
  • Available from £3.50
  • Average Weight of Net is 4 kilos

The size of nets may vary throughout the season

Please ask at the time of ordering 

Miracle Flamers

  • Strands of Wood Compressed with Wax
  • Odour-Free
  • One Flamer Needed to Light a Fire
  • You Don't Need to use Newspaper, Saving Time
  • These Are Available at £2.50 for pack of 24
  • Why Not try a Sample Pack of 10? Available for £1

House Coal

  • This May Only Be Burnt if You Are Not in a Smokeless Zone
  • £7 for a 25 Kilo sack

Smokeless Ovoids

  • Compressed Briquettes
  • Ideal for All Stoves
  • Long Burning Time
  • Can Be Used to Keep the House Warm Overnight
  • £8 for a 25 Kilo Sack

Starter Wood

  • Small pieces of wood that are sieved  
  • The natural way to start your fire 
  • Contains all different sizes of wood (ideal to start fire)
  • £5 per large sack or 3 sacks for £12

Delivery charged at 50p per mile (1 way) from NE17 

We accept cash payments or bank transfer 

Contact me today, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tyne and Wear, to browse my firewood for sale, including kiln dried logs.